Life for Sale

Mishima, Playboy, and the Importance of Translation

Conversation avec Stephen Dodd (SOAS), traducteur de Life for Sale, best-seller inattendu, publié 45 ans après la mort de Mishima.

lundi, 25 novembre 2019, 11-13h, salle 7-37, 54 boulevard Raspail, 75006

Why are people so desperate to live? After a failed attempt to overdose, a 27-year-old copywriter places an ad in a newspaper offering his own life for sale, happy to embark on any quest that might confidently result in his death.

Originally serialized in Playboy Japan, “Life for Sale” became a surprise bestseller when re-released in Japanese in 2015 and was turned into a 10-part TV series in 2018. Published this summer in a polished English translation by Stephen Dodd. Just in time for the 50th anniversary of his death next year.

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