Technology: Emerging Fields in Asian Studies


Technology in Asia, part of the AAS Emerging Fields initiative, seeks to highlight the richness and diversity of current research on technology in Asia and its contribution to the field of Asian Studies. A focus on technology, interfacing with themes including techno-science, biotech, envirotech and medical technologies, allows productive interlocking of AAS strategic intatives with the emerging trends in the fields of history, sociology, and anthropology of technology as well as in Science, Technology and Society (STS). Asia is emerging in technology studies, and technology is emerging in Asian studies. Our goal is to build bridges and open new sight lines on both sides.

New approaches in technology studies push us to challenge innovation-speak and teleologies of modernity while emphasising technologies in everyday use, blurring the distinction between low-tech and high-tech. Other new directions explore ways to think about technology as governance and explore technologies and ontologies, as well as technologies and environment. Asia has a natural place in these debates and we are now seeing leading historians of Europe venturing into Asian past and present as part of a global turn. Our goal is to engage with and contribute to the trend by convening a debate among Asian Studies specialists about developing and deploying technology as a historical heuristic.

The AAS Emerging Fields initiative provides a forum for Asia specialists to rise to this challenge by drawing on the thematic and disciplinary diversity of both technology and Asian studies.

Emerging Fields in Asia Studies is made possible by the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation.

Technology Emerging Fields in Asian Studies (2019-2021) is convened by Francesca Bray (University of Edinburgh, UK) and Aleksandra Kobiljski (CNRS/EHESS, France)

Project launch: October 17-18, 2019 at the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, Paris France.

For more on the Emerging Fields seires visit the Association for Asian Studies web site.

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