[Webinar] Mapping Medieval Japan, 11-12.02.2022 (PST)

Maps have long been a crucial element in historical studies:  they not only help us to determine locations but also to analyze connections and conflict among people, and help us to understand how people interacted in physical space that often influenced, even dictated, their interactions.  Maps help us to understand the changing layouts of cities over time, the ways in which people cooperated or fought over resource use, or patterns of trade and transport on both land and sea.  Recent advances in mapmaking—3-dimensional mapping and the use of GIS data, for example—have helped us to locate and to visualize some of these processes and interactions. 

In this two-day seminar on maps and mapmaking, participants will pay special attention to the use of maps in pre-modern Japanese history, and will have the opportunity to learn to make their own maps using computer-based mapmaking tools in a hands-on workshop.

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All times are in Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Friday, February 11
10:45 AM Opening Remarks by Jan Goodwin (USC) and Rebecca Corbett (USC)

11:00 AM “The Sacred (and Economic) Geography of Medieval Kii”
Philip Garrett (Newcastle University)

11:45 AM Q&A 

12:00 PM Lunch Break 

1:00 PM  Mapping Workshop by Andy Rutkowski (USC) with presentation by Matthew Stavros (University of Sydney)

5:00 PM Workshop end/ break

5:15 PM- “Use of Maps for Archaeological Investigations in Japan”  
Ken’ichi Sasaki (Meiji University) 

6:00 PM Q&A

6:15 PM Discussion/Closing

Saturday, February 12 

12:45 PM Opening Remarks

1:00 PM “Presenting Premodern Japan to a Wider Public: Using Storymaps to Illustrate Medieval Stories”
Michelle Damian 

1:45 PM Q&A 

2:00 PM “Mapping Human Trafficking in the Tsushima Borderlands in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries.” 
Peter D. Shapinsky (University of Illinois, Springfield)

2:45 PM Q&A

3:00 PM Break

4:00 PM “The ABCs of Medieval Kyoto’s Urban Plan: Axes, Boundaries, and Cosmograms” 
Matthew Stavros (University of Sydney) 

4:45 PM Q&A 

5:00 PM “Map Your Data with Japanese Historical Gazetteer: Dataset and Tools”
Gotō Makoto & Kameda Akihiro (Rekikhaku)

5:45 PM Q&A 

6:00 PM Roundup

Yasuko D'Hulst

Ingénieure d'études, Chargée de valorisation scientifique

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Yasuko D'Hulst

Ingénieure d'études, Chargée de valorisation scientifique

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