The Japanese economy and economic structural reform in Japan

Conférence de OTA Hiroko 大田弘子, ancienne ministre d’État pour la politique économique et fiscale et professeur à National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (Tokyo).

Mercredi 17 mars 2010 de 15h à 17h
Salle 2 EHESS, 105 bd Raspail 75006 Paris


The Japanese economy is recovering gradually with the recovery of the world economy. However, the Japanese economy has structural problems, and without addressing these problems, Japan’s economy cannot achieve robust economic growth even after the end of the economic crisis.

In this seminar, firstly, the three structural problems of Japan’s economy will be discussed. Secondly, the necessary challenges to overcome these problems amid population decline will be considered. Thirdly, the terrible fiscal situation in Japan will be presented. And on the basis of these economic and fiscal situations, the speaker will argue the problems of the current administration.

1. An overview of the economic situation in Japan
2. The structural problems of the Japanese economy

  • Lagging globalization
  • Low productivity in the non-manufacturing sector
  • Inflexible labor market

3. Economic and structural reform in Japan

  • Structural reform in the Koizumi cabinet
  • The growth strategy in the Abe and Fukuda cabinets
  • The factors disturbing economic and structural reform

4.Japan’s public finance

  • Suspended fiscal reform— “Integrated reform of expenditures and revenues”

5. The problems of the current administration

  • The lack of a sense of crisis about economic growth in Japan
  • Looseness of fiscal discipline
  • Prospects for the Japanese economy