The High-Tech Transition: The Transformation of the Traditional Kyoto Industries, 1868-1989

Conférence exceptionnelle de Masayo FUJIMOTO (Université Dôshisha)

Jeudi 11 mai 2023 (14h30-16h)

Dans le cadre de son 50e anniversaire, le Centre de recherches sur le Japon a le plaisir de vous inviter à la conférence exceptionnelle de Masayo Fujimoto, Professeure à l’Université Dôshisha.


Abstract: This presentation focuses on long-established family businesses which have evolved either to be high-tech actors in their sectors or shifted into different sectors where they developed innovative technologies. In either case these “traditional businesses” became global leaders. By long-established traditional business, I mean companies which have a documented history of over a century and were family run businesses.

The case studies include sake brewery that has pulled itself out of a crisis by innovating in production and market development, a sewing machine manufacture that evolved into a high-tech communications equipment manufacturer and a former manufacturer of Buddhist altar fittings that has expanded into a high-tech company.

14h30-16h, Salle A302, EHESS, 2 cours des humanités 93300 Aubervilliers

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