Making, Knowing and Networking in Local Industrial Communities in Postwar Japan


Conférence de Sarah TEASLEY, historien du design au Royal College of Art, dans le cadre du séminaire collectif du Centre Japon.
Cette séance aura lieu exceptionnellement sur le site de l’EHESS, avenue de France.

In twentieth-century Japan, a national network of designers, engineers and technologists employed at state industrial research institutes supported small- and medium-sized enterprises in locally-important manufacturing industries through interaction with local manufacturing communities, local government and their peers nationwide. Arguably, these men and the mechanisms they enacted played a significant role in shaping the overall trajectory and everyday operations of local manufacturing communities 地場産業 (jiba sangyô) from the early years of the century through the 1960s. However they remain largely absent from the historical scholarship, particularly in social history and the history of design.

This talk explores interactions between researchers specialising in furniture-making and other wood products in the city of Shizuoka with local manufacturers, local government and their national network, from the years immediately following the Second World War to Japan’s high economic growth period in the 1960s. Particular themes will include different communities’ relationships to materials, making and innovation, the impact of these cultural and social factors on communication between communities and what an artefact-led, globally-situated history of social interaction around technologies, skill and knowledge can offer modern history.

Jeudi 21 avril 2016 de 13h à 15h
Salle 681, 190-198 avenue de France 75013 Paris


Yasuko D'Hulst

Ingénieure d'études, Chargée de valorisation scientifique

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Yasuko D'Hulst

Ingénieure d'études, Chargée de valorisation scientifique

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